The Top Three Fastest Growing Cities In Illinois

Chris Kolmar’s article discusses the fastest growing cities in Illinois for 2018. The article rated 334 cities in Illinois that has a population over 5,000 residents.

As can be seen, Sumner IL was ranked as number one with the population growth rate of 156.75 percent. Sumner’s population in 2010 was 1,984 and in 2016 it reached 5,094. The timelapse created using Google Earth Engine shows Sumner’s growth from 1984 to 2016.


Photo: Wikipedia Commons

The second city with the fastest population growth in Illinois is Pingree Grove. The total population of the city in 2010 was 3,780 and it grew to 5,983 residents in 2016. The growth rate is 58.28 percent. Here is a timelapse showing the growth of Pingree Grove, IL.


Photo: Wikipedia Commons

Finally, the third fastest growing city in Illinois is Hillsboro. The population of the city went from 5,382 in 2010 to 7,287 in 2016 with the total population growth of 35.4 percent. Here is a timelapse showing the changes in the city.


Photo: Wikipedia Commons

A growing population usually means economic growth and medical and industrial innovation. On the other hand, it had some disadvantages as property shortage and traffic congestion. Overall, it is important to research the population changes in a city when planning on moving or opening a business there.







NFL Player Salaries in 2018 Top 20

The graphic represents salaries of the most expensive NFL players in 2018. As can be seen, Kirk Cousins has the highest salary by making $22,500,000 this year. He makes 23.81 percent more than Ezekiel Ansah and Demarcus Lawrence who have the second/third highest salaries in 2018.

Even though Kirk Cousins has the highest salary he is only 94th on this year’s Best NFL Players Top 100 list. NFL reporter Nick Shook states that Cousins’ 24-pace drop was influenced by the injury that made him watch his team miss the playoffs. However, statistics tell that he is still a great player because of his 27 touchdowns, 13 interceptions, and 4,093-yards passing.

The top five players on NFL Top 100 Players of 2018 List are Tom Brady, Antonio Brown, Carson Went, Julio Jones, and Le’Veon Bell. However, none of them make the Highest NFL Players salary in 2018 Top 20 List. The best NFL player Tom Brady makes $4 million and is 202nd on the NFL 2018 Player Salary List. He makes 82.2 % less than Kirk Cousin who is number one on the list. Overall, that means that being the best player does not always mean making the most money.


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Chicago Fighting Food Deserts

By Eris Spicer, Laura Skindaraite, and Matt Byrdak on December 5, 2017

After an array of turkey, stuffing and gravy this Thanksgiving, many people ponder their gratitude for the food we are able to provide ourselves with every day.

But not everyone in Chicago has that luxury. According to Feeding America’s map of food insecurity in Illinois, there are over 600,000 food insecure people in Cook County. The Greater Chicago Food Depository serves 812,000 people in Cook County alone each year, meaning one out of every six people in the community are turning to programs and services for food.

“There is enough food, right this minute, to feed all the hungry people in Chicago and elsewhere,” Debbie Hillman at the Food + Farms + Democracy program in Chicago states, “it’s when people don’t have the money to get it. So, it’s more a problem of money than food. And it’s also in the neighborhood, because stores aren’t close to people”.

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History of the World Cup


The World Cup is the most widely followed sporting event in the world. Check out the time capsule of the most important dates and events which make it so popular.



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Top 10 Haunted Houses Around Chicago

Oct 4, 2017

By Laura Skindaraite

It is finally fall outside- crispy leafs, spooky weather and long evenings- the perfect time to visit a haunted house. However, there are a bunch of them and it is more than hard to choose one. The map below will help you make up your mind! You can find the best haunted houses around, read the descriptions, watch the videos and pictures and pick the one or a few you like. Happy fall everyone, stay warm!!

The Map